Floral Pyramids at Dubai Miracle Garden

The Floral Pyramids offer a dazzling floral display at the Dubai Miracle Garden. They astonishingly capitalize the concept of wonders of the world and boost the overall image of Dubai Miracle Garden to such a benchmark. Egyptian Pyramids are the sole representation of engineering, ingenuity; construction & history etc. and it appear like all have been executed at the Dubai Miracle Garden through their floral replica. The only difference and edge of the floral over the former pyramid is that the ancient Egyptian Pyramids give a feeling of dryness, dullness and ruins while the Miracle Garden’s pyramids give a sole feeling of freshness and colorfulness. There is more to Floral Pyramids at the Dubai Miracle Garden than their comparison with the Egyptian pyramids; so let’s brief that up as well.

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Floral Pyramids at Dubai Miracle Garden
Floral Pyramids offered a dazzling display at the Dubai Miracle Garden. People loved their colorful display and they gave a fair impression for the Dubai Miracle Garden to be the wonder of the world as well. Photo courtesy of  

The Floral Pyramids are part of Dubai Miracle Garden since its inauguration in 2013. However; they were discontinued after 2014 and were replaced by new floral sculptures. Therefore; the Floral Pyramids were part of 2 years for the Dubai Miracle Garden. A possible reason for their discontinuation can be the size, the area they were taking and their multiple numbers (There were 7 Floral Pyramids). Moreover; all 7 of them had same look and feel except for difference of colors, so there wasn’t a huge message coming out of them. Their replacement also gives an impression; that the Miracle Garden continuously introduces new and innovative stuffs at its premises to attract and surprise its visitors.

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Floral Pyramids History - Dubai Miracle Garden
The floral pyramids were introduced at the Dubai Miracle Garden during the year 2013 and 2014, respectively. Onwards they were discontinued. Photo courtesy of  

There were in total 7 pyramids at the Dubai Miracle Garden. Out of these 7 pyramids, the central pyramid was the biggest one while the rest of the 6 pyramids were the smaller pyramids. The central pyramid was covered by the smaller pyramids at the garden. The height of the biggest pyramid was at least 28 feet high. The smaller pyramids are half as small as the biggest pyramid and their height is around 14 to 15 feet higher. In comparison with the famous Egyptian pyramids of Giza, all the pyramids of the Dubai Miracle Garden were relatively small. The biggest pyramid of Egypt is around 450 feet high. The width of side of the biggest Floral pyramid is also around 28 feet as well.

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Smaller Floral Pyramid - Dubai Miracle Garden.
The smaller Floral Pyramid at the Dubai Miracle Garden was around 14 feet high. Photo Courtesy of  

Colorful Petunia flowers were spread throughout the Floral Pyramids of Dubai Miracle Garden. The design and colors combination of the Petunia flowers on each and every Floral Pyramids were very unique. Moreover. in addition to design and colors combination, each side of the Floral Pyramids also had its own visage. It’s fully understandable to use Petunia flowers at these Pyramids, as Petunias are weather resistant and fast growing plants. Another reason to include Petunias on the colorful pyramids could be the color variety available through Petunia Flowers. The color combination of the Petunia Flowers has allowed the authorities to make one side of the Floral Pyramid to show national flag of United Arab Emirates. The flag had black, white, red and green colors.

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Floral Pyramids had colorful Petunia Flowers at the Dubai Miracle Garden.
All the floral Pyramids at the Dubai Miracle Garden had colorful Petunia Flowers. Photo courtesy of  

The architecture of the Floral Pyramids of the Dubai Miracle Garden was like cubical triangles. Those cubical triangles were hollow from the inside. They had multiple plantation rows on each side of the cubical triangle. The biggest pyramid had 27 rows and those rows used to cover up all the sides of pyramid whenever the Petunias would start to grow. All the smaller pyramids had 13 rows of plantation for growing Petunia Flowers. All the 7 Floral Pyramids were surrounded by the walking tracks which would allow the visitors to watch the Floral Pyramids from close range as well.

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Structure and Architecture of Floral Pyramids at the Dubai Miracle Garden
The structure and architecture of the Floral Pyramids at the Dubai Miracle Garden was like Cubic Triangles. They were hollow from the inside and they had floral rows full of Petunia Flowers. Photo courtesy of  

A group picture of Floral Pyramids, snapped from the far side has always looked magnificent within the photographs. According to the statistics; the central-biggest Floral Pyramid was the most photographed and popular Pyramid at the Dubai Miracle Garden. However; the real problem with the pyramid photographs was that, when the visitors try to take the snap by going closer to the biggest Pyramid, the whole pyramid never came as a full pyramid in the pictures. When the visitors move away, some other floral stuff come in the way of the pictures. Therefore; this could also be another possible reason for the discontinuation of the Floral Pyramids from 2015 onwards at the Dubai Miracle Garden. Furthermore; the popularity rating of the Floral pyramids has also been lower as compared to the other floral sculptures and stuffs at the Dubai Miracle Garden.

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Floral Pyramids Photographs at the Dubai Miracle Garden.
The Floral Pyramids were randomly photographed by the visitors at the Dubai Miracle Garden. However; they were not as much popular as the Hearts Passage at the Garden. Yet still they were catchy and people loved to have photographs with them. Photo courtesy of  


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